The ONLY program in the United States that empowers your organization while strengthening your business from the inside OUT

Business marketing is a necessity if you want to reach a larger audience with your message. As a church pastor or leader do you crave a boost to your membership numbers, more PR exposure or an internal lease of life for your organization?

Not sure which one is a priority or what you should turn your attention to first?

The ThinkZILLA Faith Marketing Clinic™ ministry marketing program has been created especially to help you and your church, whether you need some extra support and direction or a complete overhaul of your church’s marketing approach.

The ThinkZILLA Faith Marketing Clinic™ is a simple 3-theme program with measurable results guaranteed to get you the engagement, growth and brand exposure your church deserves in just 15 weeks.

Start conversations with some of the 140 million weekly churchgoers who make up the largest, most faithful, highest-spending market segment in the United States!

Christians are the most socially connected demographic in the country, you must give them the tools to spread the word about your church and its mission!

So, How Does Our Ministry Marketing Work?

Like a kid in a sweet shop, the ThinkZILLA Faith Marketing Clinic™ allows you to hand-pick (in collaboration with us) from a full and comprehensive basket of services normally only available to our long-term clients.

What The 3-Track Program Can Include:

The Exposure Track

This track is designed to get you the pastor and your church’s communal mission and values in front of a wider audience in a swift and effective way.

  • * Advise you on strategy to grow your church using PR and identify the key angles and PR opportunities to target high profile print, online and broadcast media.
  • * Write and distribute engaging press releases to get you noticed and profile the community and ideas behind your church to build trust and credibility.
  • * Get you featured in local news, and Google to improve credibility.
The Branding Track

This track will highlight and clarify your church’s USP and special communal mission and project it loud and clear through all your digital channels.

  • * New Eye-catching logo design.
  • * Improve Content messaging on your website to boost your image as ‘thought leader’ within the community.
  • * Develop an integrated marketing strategy tailored for your organization.
The Engagement Track

This track will get you talking with your congregation and prospective members – a two-way conversation.

  • * Optimize your website (SEO) to get more Interest and engagement from prospective congregants.</li class=”bulletpoints”>
  • * High Growth Email marketing Campaign to new audience in your local community.
  • * Build Your Church Mailing List/ Create sign up form for website.

**Results and ROI are fully measurable from the number of journalists contacted through to take up of coverage and number of column inches in the press.

And, as a special add-on, we have created an exclusive Community Prosper & Growth Track for those churches wishing to breathe new zest and purpose into the lives of its congregants.

Everyone knows the Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” At ThinkZILLA this is the central pivot of our core values – giving people the skills and tools to earn an income and shape their own destiny and the destiny of their families.

The Community Prosper & Growth Track is a business network that gives pastors an opportunity to offer a financial WAY OUT for those families who want to better themselves or become free from debt through resourcefulness and earning their own income through enterprise. Congregants are able to earn a living that’s flexible around their families giving them a sense of autonomy and control.

Imagine the impact this would have on the mental and emotional health of your congregation? Give your members the power to be givers not takers in line with your church’s values.

A healthy, happy and industrious congregation makes for a healthy church. The sky’s the limit… ThinkZILLA has hand-picked and carefully vetted the products and companies your congregants would be involved with as being integral and upright, in line with church values.

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