How to Achieve 200% Revenue Growth for Your Business

How To Achieve 200% Revenue Growth For Your Business

If you believe that 200% annual business growth only happens in your dreams then I’ll say you’re right. But if you ask me what’s the secret of 80% of ThinkZILLA clients who have driven increased traffic to their websites to convert sales of up to 300% growth, then I’ll tell you the only difference between YOUR company and THEIRS is that they TOOK CONTROL of the No.1 digital sales technique of SEO (search engine optimization).

As a business owner, you don’t need to be an SEO expert, but it can pay big dividends to at least understand the fundamentals of the constantly changing landscape in SEO. Google loves to shift the goalposts so I’d like to make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

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6 Ways To Launch Your Business In 30 Days Or Less From Zero

6 Ways To Launch Your Business In 30 Days Or Less

All the most successful business people had to start somewhere – Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg, Warren Buffett – with many experiencing mighty falls only to rise from the dust once again. If you’re considering starting a business you’re in great company but before you start I’m going to let you in on some key strategies to ensure you get out of the starting blocks on the right foot.

But first a story…

If you know me I’ve only had two jobs in my entire life and for the past 13 years I’ve been busy building my own companies from zero to a $million+ turnover each. As the founder of ThinkZILLA PR & Consulting Group my team and I have helped literally hundreds of other entrepreneurs build their own successful companies and realize their dream of running their own mini-empires. Living the dream.

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How the Right Marketing Can Help Your Church’s Congregation Grow

Grow Church Congregation

Are you a pastor looking for a way to increase the number of members that attend your church? Perhaps, you want to spread the word of God and improve how many people hear his message? Just as with any product or service that is offered in today’s world, it is all about reaching the right audience to have your message heard.

When right people can have access to the information you want to relay, it can help attract them to your church and allow you to share God’s message with them. One way of accomplishing this is with Christian Marketing Companies in Houston, TX.

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The Mighty Power of Prayer

The Mighty Power Of Prayer

When a recent Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur began to suffer unexpected engine failure in mid-air, the worried pilot asked his passengers to pray for a safe landing, expecting an unavoidable disaster.

The engine trouble was so bad that the pilot, with his 44 years of flying, was fearful of the worst, yet remarkably, the plane landed, with no injuries to anyone on board.

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Celebrities during BET Awards 2017 giving Honor to God

BET Awards

If Christianity is to grow it’s important to spread the word.  People need to hear the Christian message loud and clear but they need to hear it in a relatable way. An inspiring example of this happened recently at the BET awards, where a host of music celebrities paid tribute to God, crediting him as a direct source of their inspiration.

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How to Promote Your Church and Achieve Massive Growth and Exposure

Marketing My Church

Let’s be factual, there is no miracle or formula on how to promote your church or grow your church. One of the church greatest short comings is failure to market itself authentically and effectively. You’ve seen the typos, bad clip art, poor layout, it’s easy to do marketing badly but there is also the tendency towards airbrushed perfection, pressed suits and multicultural pictures that don’t match the Sunday morning reality, seemingly professional marketing can be just as bad as the unprofessional type.

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