When Experience Matters

ThinkZILLA’s business marketing & public relations helps you reach a larger audience for your message. Just like Jesus had a close team of disciples to help him spread the Word, your business also need a close team supporting it to grow, engage and disseminate your message in the right manner to the right people.

ThinkZILLA can gift you with years of experience in building and growing audiences for businesses just like yours through event management, public relations, active partnerships, digital platforms, and strategic marketing within the framework of the ThinkZILLA Faith Marketing Program™.

No-one understands the power of good branding like we do which is why our expertise is overhauling tired brands and building up from the ground. By drilling down to the true essence and communal mission of your ministry, we create accurate mission statements, relevant content, logos and copy-writing that truly emanates, communicates and engages your audience via your website and all your marketing materials.

Experience is also why we understand how important it is to create the right grassroots blend of marketing and communications to achieve good Return on Investment for you, all within a realistic budget.

We Work With:

> Christian Based Businesses
> Film & Production Companies
> Apparel Companies
> Business Broker
> Financial Institutions
> Book Stores
> Fitness Companies
> Event Planning Companies
> Real Estate Companies

Our philosophy is that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your values for success. If you want to grow your church or christian business, we’re ready to help.

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Business Marketing & Public Relations

ThinkZILLA’s business marketing allowed Velma to take a new congregation from 300 members to 5000+ in just three years…

With a rich history in high-level marketing and PR in the high pressure industries of sports and entertainment (think Superbowl and Bet), published author/speaker and accomplished marketing expert Velma Trayham began working with church leaders and faith-based organizations. Spurred on by her incredible success expanding her first congregation from 300 members to 5000+ in just three years, Velma realized her deep knowledge and skillset in the corporate world could be utilized to build dynamic and prosperous church communities.

Since then Velma and her team have had the pleasure of working with pastors around the world helping them build value into their churches, grow membership and develop events that have put them in front of both intimate and large audiences with ongoing global exposure.

“I realized that what the churches were missing was a BRIDGE between the faith and non-faith worlds, an organization that straddles both worlds and UNDERSTANDS both worlds. Even more so I’m passionate about doing God’s work, and being an Ambassador for Christ is the main driver for building our clients’ brands with God’s directions.”

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What Sets Us Apart


    Giving you peace of mind and a sense of being in safe hands is one of our core values. Which is why at ThinkZILLA we offer a full service so you can concentrate on the daily demands of being a church leader and looking after your flock. Dip in and out of a basket of marketing and communications services to suit your budget and leave the rest to us. Simple.


    When working with the media and your target demographic, you’ll be getting a PR team that understands not only the value of communicating the right message at the right time but also the risks of the wrong message. We’re here to protect and defend your reputation and community. Always.


    At ThinkZILLA, we focus on revealing to you physical evidence of success – such as increase in membership enquiries, higher engagement on social media, positive media exposure touchpoints. We deliver media qualification, favorable reviews and great coverage and juxtapose the anticipation and excitement of your impending live events with the positive glow and ripples of influence after-the-event. Perfect.


    All our campaigns are carefully managed in collaboration with YOU. Although we’ll be busy in the background playing and grafting for your team we maintain an open line of communication and collaboration so all your expectations are met. Partners always.


    Past clients include Super Bowl Edition of President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Forum, The Bride Summit with University of Phoenix College of Security & Criminal Justice, Destiny Empowerment Seminar and The Singles Conference achieving national sponsorship exposure from top-shelf brands like Disney, American Heart Association and New York Life Insurance among others.


    ThinkZILLA is a known specialist in early development work for startups but also in revitalizing and re-launching tired brands or churches wishing to grow their membership and have deeper more meaningful engagement with congregants. ThinkZILLA connects both small and large brands to millions of potential customers, consistently placing clients at the right events, in front of the right people and at the top of search rankings with top-level proven strategies.